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Major Types of Sprinkler Repair Services


Is your sprinkler not working as expected? If so, you should call a sprinkler repair company to check it out. Below are two services that most sprinkler repair companies offer.


Drip System Repair Service

A drip irrigation system is an excellent alternative to regular automatic sprinkler systems for people who live in very hot, arid areas. The drip system installation can save a huge amount of water that would otherwise be wasted. Drip systems do this by reducing evaporation.


Evaporation happens quickly in hot, dry climates and so all of the water that hits the ground from a regular sprinkler system may not have time to penetrate the soil to the roots of the grass and plants where it is needed before it evaporates. The drip system allows plants to get the water they need. Drip systems are located either at ground level or below the soil near the plant roots. This puts the system in proximity to burrowing animals, insects, and the incursion of larger roots from trees.


Naturally, mechanical equipment that is exposed to these things has a greater chance of being damaged than equipment placed above the soil. Water can be wasted if the drip system develops leaks caused by cracks. You might notice this by either dying plants or even a build-up of water on the surface of your soil.


A higher water bill is also an indication that drip system repairs are needed. Fortunately, drip system repairs can usually be made quite quickly. Basic drip system repair typically involves patching the crack that is causing the leak. Extensive drip system damage is rare. However, in some cases a whole new drip system installation may be needed.


Sprinkler Head Repair Services

Broken pipes and broken sprinkler heads can be particularly troublesome. Either one can easily be broken by lawn mowers or rough play by kids in the yard. Water either stops flowing from pipes and sprinkler heads when they break or it flows freely and uncontrolled with no way to turn it off without turning off the water to the house. Either situation requires a quick fix to keep your lawn looking pretty and your water bills low. Learn how to repair a Febco backflow.


A sprinkler repair company may offer services such as fixing broken pipes, broken sprinkler heads, performing irrigation repair and doing irrigation replacement. The company can fix literally anything that may go wrong with your automatic sprinkler system. No job is too big or too small for an experienced company to handle. Check out Febco 765 backflow repair video for more info.